1Radio Beta Launch

The beta launch of 1Radio was my first tentative steps in getting something up and running and to attract people. There was very little promotion apart from me spamming the Freecast community.

The purpose of a beta site is to get people on board and learn how they use it, where the problems are and figure out new features and functionality.

Also, I hadn't got 1Radio licensed at this stage as I wasn’t sure if it would truly be worth the expense. For licensing purposes, you effectively take a punt and guess how many listeners you think you’ll have and how long they will listen. I hadn't a clue, obviously. Would anyone actually show up? Would it all work as expected?

I began lurking on various radio and presenter forums, mention the new station I was launching and casually invite people to join up or simply give it a listen. By the end of June there was a constant trickle of activity and I felt emboldened enough to make things legal.

The first of July was the start of H2 and so it made sense to get licenced from that point onwards. I removed the beta label on July 1 and this has been the notional birth date of 1Radio ever since, despite the fact we were, in truth, up and running a few months before.


Posted by Tim on Wed 02 Mar 2022 at 07:45 and viewed 8,414 times.

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