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Forums were not something I ever intended to have on 1Radio.

I’d seen lots of other websites where people would flame, argue and generally get on each other's nerves and air dirty laundry. On reflection, I should have stuck by my reservations. 

To be fair, the 1Radio forums were a useful space in which to share ideas and promote shows and mostly, it functioned as intended. Occasionally, topics would become too heated. Generally, if things became inflamed, I’d close these discussions down and block further replies. If the threads were particularly aggressive or offensive, I’d completely remove them from the site. 

At first, only presenters could post messages but the threads were still in the public domain. This was simply programming mistake on my part. The conversations should have been open to all and listeners able to participate as well. Or, they should have been completely hidden to all but presenters. It wasn’t until the point was noted by our presenter Paladinleeds that I realised the glaring omission.

In truth, few listeners participated openly in the forum threads. But boy did they lurk. Forum traffic was the second busiest area of the website after the shoutbox.

Posted by Tim on Mon 07 Feb 2022 at 11:32 and viewed 1,581 times.

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