The 1Radio Schedule

The schedule was the backbone of the 1Radio system. Everything was driven by the schedule.

It controlled the switching of the shoutcast passwords each hour, sent email reminders to listeners to tune in and promoted shows with automated tweets.

At sign up, each new presenter could specify their presenter name (usually different from their real name) and define their default show title and description. They could then book their slots over a rolling 4 week window. If a slot was unoccupied, it was free for the taking.

When you booked a slot, the schedule was immediately updated with your default show title and description. This was perfect when a show followed the same format each time and the details needed no tweaking. But if you wanted to list guests or mention the music specific to a particular show, you could update your details for each individual edition. It was a flexible approach that gave presenters complete freedom to maintain their own information. 

There were some restrictions of the booking process which I based on my experience of freecast and the inherent problems I had observed there. For example, you could only book at most four hour long slots per week and no more than two hours on a single day. I also prevented people booking two hour slots either side of midnight, a loophole I’d regularly seen exploited on freecast.

No one needs four consecutive hours on the air. No, really. Trust me.

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