1Radio was probably amongst the first internet radio stations to make extensive use of twitter.

Indeed, few people knew what it was and what it provided until they encountered it on 1Radio. Rhodders and others who in time have become ardent tweeters, would say they have joined twitter but don’t really know why.

The 1Radio system would tweet every individual show moments before it was due on. Also, every hour, we would tweet a random selection of bands and artists that had been played over the last sixty minutes.

Tweeting band names is particularly useful. Many artists search for mentions and on finding a station that plays their music, they often took it as an endorsement and would retweet or, more helpfully, send their fans in our direction and encourage them to request their songs.

We took care to make our automated tweets varied, hopefully amusing and, to some degree, plain quirky. Here are some we used where the presenter or show name was added dynamically at the time the tweet was posted.

  • "It's a mad listening party at ~ <PRESENTER NAME> is sweating spinal fluid."
  • "Supping from a huge mug of MP3, it's <PRESENTER NAME> on"
  • "It is big and it is clever. It's <SHOW NAME> on"
  • "Sounding like an iPod on steroids, it's <SHOW NAME> on"
  • "Ears need an audio fix? Your pusher this hour is <PRESENTER NAME> at"
  • "If music be the food of love, play on. Your chef this hour is <PRESENTER NAME> at"
  • "Another hour and another reason to hug your speakers. It's <SHOW NAME> on"
  • "<PRESENTER NAME> hates the neighbours. Request something loud at"
  • "Be grateful <PRESENTER NAME> doesn't live next door to you. Request something loud at"
  • "It's what Windows Media Player was made for. <SHOW NAME> on "
  • "All over your speakers like a bad rash. It's <PRESENTER NAME> on"
  • "Invading your personal space like a gypsy selling lucky heather, it's <PRESENTER NAME> on"
  • "Demand more from your speakers. It's <SHOW NAME> on"
  • "<PRESENTER NAME> has great music. You have none."
  • "There's a musical buffet on 1Radio so grab a huge plate and load up. Now serving '<SHOW NAME>' on"
  • "Make <PRESENTER NAME> part of your five-a-day. Healthy listening at"
  • "This hour, have a sneaky little listen to <SHOW NAME> on"
  • "Bin that iPod. Tune in to <PRESENTER NAME> on"

Other automated tweets would also be generated when new blog articles were published or when we were running special events like The Top500 or other weekender events. Yet more obscure tweets were also scheduled to appear at random times over the day or when AutoDj was active, inciting people to check out our shows or visit the website. Take a look at our twitter feed but be warned, you're likely to collapse in hysterics.

Twitter is massively popular and is perfectly suited to a web radio station, where your target audience are folk sat at their computers or thumbing their mobile devices.

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