Chantel and Dick

Chantel was a character that showed up one day to listen to one of the newest presenters at the time - a troubled unit from Scotland called Dick* Reid.

It seemed Chantel and Dick had history. Chantel would show up at his station appearances and they would alternative between sexy, saucy chat in the shoutbox followed by nasty slanging matches where Dick claimed he was being stalked. Both were messaging me privately to bemoan each other, Chantel asking for me to ditch Dick and Dick asking me to permanently block Chantel. It could only end in tears.

Behind the scenes, Chantel had also been ingratiating herself with other presenters, sending saucy private messages, exchanging emails and swapping pics. As Dick and Chantel fought it out in the shoutbox, suddenly other presenters would leap to her defense. It seemed strangely biased until I learnt that Chantel had been claiming she was a page 3 model and had been sending professional photos and saucy personal pics to various presenters. 

Things took a strange twist when Chantel claimed to be working for the police, investigating child porn and paedophiles. This was clearly bullshit. No one working in that field would ever disclose such details. But it got me spooked that 1Radio could have been targeted by some dodgy network.

IP blocks were useless. Chantel would show up from different networks. I had not developed a reliable blocking function in the shoutbox at this stage. 

I eventually banned Dick from the site - the first DJ to be forcefully removed - and Chantel disappeared soon after too, but not before numerous trolls would show up randomly asking about them both and generally kicking off and interfering in matters they knew f*ck all about.

The incident did have other casualties, unfortunately. A few presenters who had sided with Chantel quit the site on principle after I banned her.

I later heard that Chantel was actually a bloke and was masquerading as a model. He (or she) had tricked various men into exchanging personal pics and other private details. This kinda shed light on why people were siding with her. A few presenters came back to me later with their tails (not to mention testicles)  between their legs having been taken in. One presenter was particularly aggrieved. Chantel, with whom he’d shared certain private pics, had forwarded them back to his wife and friends. It was a disaster for him and he somehow, he held me personally responsible.

Later still, I was told that the Chantel and Dick had appeared on other stations before and after they showed up on 1Radio. Others were of the opinion that they were professional community wreckers, moving from station to station causing disruption and division amongst presenters and listeners.

I really don't know if any of the rumours were true. Everything about Dick and Chantel was steeped in bullshit. To this day, I still don’t really understand why we were targeted by an obviously devious pair with a hidden agenda.

*Not his real name. It was Dek. Dek Reid.

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