Premium Services

Premium services were paid add-ons to your presenter account on 1Radio that provided extra little facilities that you could use to enhance your show or web page.

The most basic premium service was Show Credits. These were the currency of 1Radio. Credits were required to book shows. One credit = one hour of broadcasting. When you first signed up to the station, you were given four credits to get you up and running. Each slot you booked would cost you a credit. As soon as you did the show, the  credit would be refunded, enabling you to book another slot for another day. If, however, you failed to show up – or, you cancelled the slot at short notice and without warning, the credit would not be refunded. This was the incentive needed to make presenters “respect” the station a little more than if everything is provided for free. If you ran out of credits, you could not book further shows without topping up on credits first.

Premium services were never intended to be a major source of income or something that would fund 1Radio going forward. Whilst they would contribute a tiny amount to running costs, it was more a psychological measure to bring some notional value and worth to what is essentially a free service.

My experience with Freecast was that being free prevented people from “valuing” it. That’s to say, if it costs you nothing, you have no respect for it and have no vested interest in making it a success.

The credit system proved itself time and again. When free credits were handed out without being earned or paid for, they would often go unused resulting in no shows and needlessly empty slots. When someone has paid money, albeit only a few pounds, there is motivation to actually use it productively or risk being out of pocket for no reason. It’s a strangely compelling thing, so much so, that I would get many many complaints when credits failed to materialise after a show or credits not refunded when the slot was cancelled at the last minute.

Other Premium Services that you could purchase were:

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