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Reminders were another unique facility created so that fans of particular shows and presenters could be always informed when they were next on air.

This was particularly suited to 1Radio where presenters would broadcast at different days and times without any degree of consistency or regularity. Indeed, many presenters would often decide to do a show at the very last minute or, if a slot was running empty, jump in there and then.

A reminder could be set for a particular show or, more usefully, for a presenter. Thereafter, whenever the presenter was on the air, regardless of time, day or show, the listener would get an email reminder and a link taking them straight to the shoutbox.

Reminders ensured that listeners were always kept up to date and informed as and when shows were coming on. Reminders were sent only minutes in advance otherwise listeners would simply forget to connect. However, we did also provide an iCal file that would open in Outlook. This enabled the listener to create custom reminders before a show was due, popping up on their computer at any chosen interval before hand that they wanted.

At the height of its popularity, 1Radio was sending a hundred or more email reminders each week. We also dabbled with text reminders but that never got beyond a free trial of the SMS service.

Nowadays, with many people choosing to listen to internet radio through their phones, this alert approach makes perfect sense. Again, 1Radio was ahead of the curve.

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