Being an online, virtual radio station, it’s a no-brainer that we should use online channels to help promote shows and attract listeners.

Our potential audience are people sat in front of their computers getting on with other tasks. This captive crowd are ripe for picking and something that will amuse and entertain them is an ideal distraction or background whilst they get on with other tasks.

Ecards were a popular and effective means to promote the station and individual shows. We had a wide array of designs that could be added to a show ecard. Along the bottom would be details of the particular show being promoted along with direct links to the show page, the shoutbox, email reminders and more.

Other cards carried details of our all-day events such as Weekenders or TheTop500.

Lastly, we had ecards that promoted the station generally and encouraged listeners to become presenters. 

Many thousands of ecards were sent and it was a simple matter to track how they got used and who clicked through and arrived at the 1Radio website. This provided me a raft of Marketing information, what worked and what didn't and how people made use of the website once they’d been tempted to click on a link.

Another facet of ecards was that the link could include a unique presenter code so that any clicks could be registered to the particular DJ who sent it. A sort of affiliate link. Those presenters with the most clicked ecards earnt additional free show credits.

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