The Jingle Exchange

From the start of 1Radio, there were a number of jingles that presenters could use to help reinforce our station identity.

I hit upon the idea of growing this pool of jingles by allowing the more capable presenters to upload their own contributions. I called it the Jingle Exchange. All presenters could browse the library and anyone could upload their own MP3s. This proved incredibly popular and helped build a huge library of clips, stings and other promotional audio.

Our jingles became so popular, that people were signing up to 1Radio so that they could simply raid our library. Soon our exclusive, presenter contributed items began appearing on third party websites like JingleDaddy. I’d sometimes be listening to other stations and suddenly hear one of our jingles pop up, clumsily edited to remove our name and replace it with another ID. 

To prevent our library being raided, I made the user contributed items part of a paid for add-on or as we called them, Premium Services or 1Radio Extras. Current presenters still had access to the complete library and could upload their own. New joiners would need to purchase the Jingle Exchange extra in order to download or contribute to the extended library.  

Here are a few of our official jingles and some presenter contributions. 

Voiceover Man It's 1Radio
1Radio Accents
Lady Gaga Number 1 Hit Music Station
Life's Too Short
More Music Than You Need
No Rules Limits Excuses
Pitbull Now On The Air
1Radio Sync Tongues
1Radio We Love New Music
Time Tunnel Music Sweep
All The Hits
Another Hour Of Great Hits Starts Now
Artist Drops1
Artist Drops2
Austin Powers Poptastic 1Radio
Happy Birthday DJs
Classic Today 1R
Voiceover Man Welcome
Creamy Dollops
100s DJ 1,000s Shows 1,000,000 Songs
Feel The Sunshine 1Radio
Got An Idea

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