Them Christmas emotes again

This from the 1Radio forum on November 30, 2013.

Book Your Places for the annual arrival of the 1R Xmas emoticons on the first of December.

Crowds are expected to begin queuing at the entrance to the shoutbox from early Saturday. Stewards from Club80s will be on hand offering festive nibbles, mulled wine, blankets and seasonal hugs.

Please arrive early to avoid disappointment and to guarantee your spot when the colourful array of Christmas emoticons descend just before midnight.

1R management is keen to avoid a repeat of last year's overzealous celebrations when Espy damaged his baubles and Sean got off his face on egg nog. Martyn, Ceejay and Colin John have kindly agreed to be bouncers at the event and form a protective cordon that ensures onlookers are kept safe and secure. They have also agreed to decorate their zimmer frames with tinsel. This will not only help prevent gate crashers but should also allow them to get hideously drunk without falling over.

Ricky Rodgers regrets he is unable to play Santa this year as he is currently in panto.

Thank you.

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