1mag was our online magazine with articles by and for our presenters and listeners.

It was the idea of one James Van Hinsbergh, also known as DJ Javo, who floated the suggestion on the 1Radio forum.

We tossed a few ideas around and the first edition was produced in less than two weeks after this post.

1mag provided a bit of background on presenters and listeners, some music news, reviews as well as topical coverage of gigs, new releases and obituaries. It was also a way of name checking some of 1Radio’s newest presenters.

The frequency and page count of 1mag was ultimately determined by the volume of content submitted by contributors. Javo would solicit input and collate the content and I would mark up and layout the final publication.

1mag was hosted on ISSUU and looked quite good, even if I do say so myself. The reading experience was helped by ISSUU's slick page turning, shading and zoom functionality. 

As usual, it was hard to maintain momentum and was a struggle to keep it ticking over after the initial enthusiasm had waned. It was tricky to get timely and fresh content without people just copying and pasting stuff from Wiki (yes, I'm looking at you Ceejay). We managed to get four issues out in the end. 

You can enjoy 1Radio's brief foray into publishing at https://issuu.com/1radio

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