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Tees and other branded merchandise are a nice way to promote a station identity and build a sense of community for both listeners and presenters.

There are many online sites that let you create branded products such as cups, bags, tshirts and badges, and sell them through your own dedicated web store.

The underlying price of such items are somewhat expensive it has to be said. The provider lets you choose what level of mark up you want above their sale price and you get to keep this for each sale you make.

We sold and gave away a fair number of products from our shop on Zazzle, chosen because it had a presence in the UK, Europe and America and meant items could be shipped cheaply to wherever listeners were based. I kept the mark up price pretty low and I think this helped fuel sales. The quality of the goods was superb.

1Radio tshirts would typically show up in the webcam as it's mostly presenters who buy them. 

Nevertheless, we have given away quite a few tshirts, cups and stickers to listeners over the years. The best technique is to amass a list of say 10 or 20 items and get them in bulk. You should also pay for delivery directly from the supplier instead of receiving them and then mailing them yourself. This is much cheaper and less burdensome.

A nicely branded product gives the community a fun and stylish way to support your station and help with promotion.

Posted by Tim on Mon 15 Aug 2022 at 10:00 and viewed 1,352 times.

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