Planet Texas

Harold Donaldson, known as PT, was a Texan who just loved to chat. About anything.

The running joke regarding his show was that it was the cheapest programme on 1Radio having very little music and therefore accruing absolutely no performer royalties.

PT was short for Planet Texas, named after the website he was running that focussed primarily on newly released Country music. His show would consist of some country music tracks, interviews with artists and PT’s very own brand of humour.

PT claimed to be broadcasting from a double wide on a Mesquite trailer park and you could catch him on webcam pulling on a stogie and sipping from Big Blue, an oversized mug that you might mistake for a KFC bucket painted blue. I dumbly believed this trailer park tale for quite some time.

Gradually PT moved away from country music - or any music for that matter - and would simply chew the fat with listeners, shoutboxers, occasional guests and family members who’d join him on the air for a good old natter and gossip.

PT occasionally joked (at least, I think it was a joke) that he was presenting his show without trousers. This gave rise to the alternative moniker “Pantless Texas”.

PT promo - most interesting man
PT promo - what if?

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